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  • 2017
  • Make Yourself Hard To Kill, The Making Of

    Part I

    It had been a week full of just about any scenario you could think of… I mean, the uber driver I had was a psychic chakra aligning guru; making that ride the highlight of my week. Believe it or not, I was more than open about hearing what the man had to say and well, he had more than a few things to say about my past and present.

    One week later, I decided to get reiki for the first time, by my neighbor, Adam. Yeah, yes. My neighbor is a reiki master. The experience was eye opening to say the very least. But I ultimately came to the conclusion. If there’s ever been a time to do you it’s these days and we are as free as we want to be.

    This is pretty much when the concept for Make Yourself Hard to Kill began to unfold; in my head at least I was working it out.

    Not long after I had my Keyboard and Mic sent to me… So yeah… music is in motion.