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  • 2017
  • Make Yourself Hard to Kill Radio Demo:

    I wanted a show, so I’ve created one, Make Yourself Hard to Kill.

    You’ve got to know that with everything we see – Uncertainty in the White House, Climate Change, Technological Developments, and Economic Setbacks- and I’m going to stop there because you get it…

    The times have changed, and these are the times to survive.

    The New York Times will probably begin to write articles about how we dress, for example, will it be too damn hot in LA to even step outside? Will New Yorkers have to build houses that float before the ice caps melt? Maybe these articles have already been written? I wouldn’t know because I know read the news.

    I want to cover How to Survive. How to essentially be as indestructible as one can be in uncertainty. How to survive in the whole sense of being.
    The concept sets forth the idea that survival is based on how one responds. I want to serve this up in the form of a show. This show is called Make Yourself Hard to Kill and it’s a modern day survival guide, a how-to on how-to-not get got.

    Through conversation, opinion, and provocative insightful news, Make Yourself Hard to Kill positively promotes surviving the changes, exhibiting versatility and being able to pivot on a dime.