Andra Lee is an artist with a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising, Retail Marketing.

“Ra”  creates, music, videos and paintings from a small town called Riverside in the smallest state in the USA.  After trying Chicago, Paris & Los Angeles, Andra grew tired of city life and retreated to Rhode Island. 

It’s here where we find Ra, no less determined to contribute her voice to media and music. 

She currently distributes content on several media platforms YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, X & Threads.

Musically on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

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Having grappled with mental health disorders throughout much of her life, Andra's career has been marked by intermittent struggles with mania, hindering her progress toward establishing a stable presence in the arts. However, with dedicated care and treatment, Andra has managed to rebound, reconstructing her artistic endeavors using remnants from her past works. Fueled by her enduring passion and a newfound commitment to thorough research and planning, she now strives to create impactful and memorable media, art & entertainment.

Andra is presently employed in retail sales. Her ultimate aspiration is to establish her own commercial space. Furthermore, she aims to transition into the realm of entertainment, delivering content through a media channel and captivating audiences with live performances.

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“In Our Youth” by Andra Lee ft. Peter DuVal Lee

Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube

“Blowing Off Steam” by Andra Lee

Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube

“Legacy Riddim” by AndraLee

Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube

“Today is Today” by Andra Lee

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Discover Andra’s past work under the moniker Ra and The World Address on


Explorations: A series of brief dives into music by women. Andra’s voice guides you through the backstory behind albums and tracks by female artists.

Most Watched
Neneh Cherry Broken Politics

Here we explore Broken Politics, The 5th album by Swedish Singer-Songwriter, Neneh Cherry Released in 2018.
Cleo Sol Mother

Here we explore Mother, The 2nd album by British Singer-Songwriter Cleo Sol released in August 19, 2021

Most Recent

Medieval Times (2022-2029)

Tracking the medieval resurgence (2022–2029)

In 2019 New York Magazine published a future issue with predictions from trend forcasters and cultural commentators. One headline really stuck out to me; “In 2029, the Internet Will Make Us Act Like Medieval Peasants.”Andra was inspired, and since reading, began to see Medieval inspiration trickling into fashion and music. In 2022 she started tracking the resurgence on

Designers from Balenciaga and The Row to Bianca Saunders were heavily influenced by Medieval fashion while musicians like Gunna released music (Alotta Cake) featuring flute samples fit for knights at the round table.

Follow the Resurgence Here.

Between 2020 and 2022, Andra "Ra" Lee hosted the experimental podcast, "Ra World Address." Through this platform, Andra delved into various themes such as black futures, labor in the USA, climate change, and cultural discussions. Initially releasing daily episodes, the podcast transitioned to a weekly format over time. Past Episodes of "Ra World Address" continue to be available for streaming on platforms including Apple Podcasts & Spotify.